Loop 720 Response Mod

So, after the immense frustration of snapping a 50/50 string and getting annoyed by the feeling of a jagged, inconsistent starburst on my Loop 720s, I decided to change it up a bit with the response.

I took the existing string response out of both sides and completely sanded down the starburst on either side. Then I borrowed the small size CBC pads from my pocket change and stuck a pad on one side and threaded new string response in the other side. I actually used some wierd unknown, string that’s really soft and slick that I found in my mom’s junk drawer. It tears easily, but it gives a really soft, smooth feel to the response.

I gotta say, this response mod has drastically improved my Loop 720s’ performance, much like how replacing o-rings with silicone helped my Sunset Trajectories. I know it’s a risk for failure since the entire original response will essentially be destroyed, but I’d urge anyone who doesn’t mind taking the risk to give this a try. It was certainly worth it for me!

I may be able to post pics later. Anyone who decides to try this, let me know your results!

Nice I might have to try that my self :smiley: ;D

Hmm, my Loop 720’s do not have any sort of Starburst response in them. They use that threaded string response only. It’s definitely different and interesting.