Which yoyo is better Loop 720 or the Loop 900.Because I heard that the Loop 720 is better. ???

From what I know the 900 and the 720 have the same shape but the 900 uses a starburst response system and it has the adjustable keyhole to personalize it to your looping stature. So the 900 is far superior. Keep on throwing!

The 720 has a string on string response which probably makes your strings last longer

Really? I herd it weakens the string?

I like the 720 more because it’s a tad lighter. You can start with any, but I seem to do upwards looping better with a lighter yoyo.

Upwards looping means looping to the sky such as Shoot the Moon.

Loop 900 is better IMO, but if it’s your first Looper, get a 720. It’s a tad lighter, which makes it easier to loop, but eventually you will have to get heavier and use a 900.

In my opinion the springiness off the string wears out well before the wear due to starburst, SOS, o-rings, etc. Guess I replace my looping string pretty often. Personally I would not buy one looping yoyo over another for string wear reasons.

Besides just the feel of the response, one of the biggest differences between the 720 and 900 is that the 720 SOS slows down the spin faster because it’s constantly rubbing the string (unless you can adjust the gap and I didn’t know any better). At least rubbing more than the starburst.

That’s been pretty much my experience. That and the fact that for me the string usually breaks at the finger loop rather than at the axle end.

I just picked up a pair of 900s. Once you adjust the gap for each hand you are set to go. They work as well as if not better than a modes raider.

You could also try a Raider EX which is just like a loop 900. But for starters I seriously think the imperial is highly under rated. String tension might be more of an issue but they are freaking sweet for loops. (that’s why they still make them) Speed beetles also work well. I personally find heavier loopers to work better for example the pro-yo being to light. I’m looking to get a pair of bumblebees as I am not wiling to paint my $25 900s.

Thanks guys you’ve helped out alot.Thanks :smiley: