Im looking to get into looping (Take 2)

I’ve decided on the Loop720… Now, some questions

When’s the Loop900 coming out?
I heard the Loop900 is fatter and like a raider… True or False?
How long does the string last?
What are some things to do to build strength and ability to use my non-throw hand?

Well, thats all I got for now… Thanks

Not sure when the 900s are coming out, but to build strength in your nonthrowhand you can either work out or do just some 1a with it.

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i pm’ed andre and this is wut he said
btw i asked which sunset or 720

“Hi Helio!
The Loop 720 response is just ‘different’. Both are good for beginning looping styles, etc.
We have found that overall people prefer the Sunset Trajectory as their looping yo-yo choice - especially in competition - the gap is somewhat adjustable too so you can make it a little responsive if you need to, etc.
The Loop 900 is a completely prototype yo-yo right now - YoYoFactory has not announced any official information about it besides seeing people from their team use it in competition.
Right now it is not an official yo-yo…”


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Not sure when they’re coming out.
True, the Loop 900 is fatter and more like a Raider.
Not sure if they’ll even use string response, but the string on my Loop 720’s last about 3-5 months.
To build strength, you could loop with just your left hand for a while, or you could try the dinosaur method!

Just keep your elbow glued to you side while you loop, forcing you to loop with just your wrist!

Hope this helped!


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Well, I PM’d Ben and he said the 900’s are still in prototype mode…


Coming this FALL


Skyline (World Wide)


Hectic 2.0 (fundaMETAL)

Tactic (fundaMETAL)


eight8eight X


+something small

and Hopefully  an ALL NEW yoyofactory.com!


Yeah its still an active blog… but unless the somthing small is the 900 it wont be out this fall Im guessing

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very good