is the loop 900 good?


Hey guys, I might get into looping later and was wondering if the loop 900 was good. I can already do
Forward pass,a couple of loops,around the world, and I think that’s it, but hey, good start and I don’t even have one yet… Haha so do you think it would be good? Are here any major cons about it? Thx


It’s a good looper. However, with the mechanism being off-center, I feel it’s weighted a little funny. The 1080 is centered and more balanced.

However, if you already have a Loop900, don’t go crazy yet. Just get yourself another Loop900. But, since you don’t, let me make some suggestions, which will include the Loop900.

First, my preference is for the YoYoJam Unleashed. I like the weight and the way the adjustable gap works Good weight distribution and balance. I have 6, I don’t think I really need more, but I might just for more color variety.

Now, onto some good but super affordable loopers:

The YYF Loop 808 and Loop 360 are slim, kind of small feeling, fixed gap and use a silicone response You may wish to play with lubrication on these as well as string, but even so, out of the package they are good to go with no modifications of any sort. Starting at $8 for the Loop 360 and I think $10 for the Loop 808, they are a good way to get started. They are a bit light feeling for me.

The Adelgle YoYo Macaron ships with a clean A bearing and double looped, so you’re gonna need to lube the bearing with thick lube to preference(maybe some thin to break it down a bit). This uses a “spiral claw” response system, which is just a corkscrew-styled starburst response, which you can really feel dig into the string. My gripe with these is that I’ve had to have one replaced due to it being massively out of spec, so I think quality control is an issue. I have 2 working ones out of 4. 1 was defective due to QC issues, another was fine but I broke it when I had an inline skate incident(I fell on it while it was in my pocket!) For $10, if you get a good pair, they are pretty good but light for my preferences. I am not sure if the gap is adjustable. I’m mostly playing my Unleashed.

I’ve already talked about the Unleashed. Moving on.

I want a pair of Duncan Hornets. Haven’t played them, will order some soon.

YoYoFactory(again). Here we come to the Loop 900 and 1080
The Loop900 has a good weight, good size, good shape, good feel. In other words, it’s gonna play and feel really good, but so will the Loop 1080, despite some changes(which include weight). Both use a starburst response and both use a gap adjustment mechanism, which will drift over time and play. These come with a gap adjustment tool, but if you have a YYF Mult-tool(and you should!), you won’t need the gap adjustment tool. You DO need something to adjust the gap with.

I think the Loop 1080 is a bit heavier than the Loop900. The gap adjustment mechanism is centered on the yoyo as opposed to the partially off-set Loop900’s gap adjustment mechanism. To me, I can’t really notice if this is affecting balance or not, but I do know the Loop 1080 feels better to me but only by a small margin.

So, if you want to go in for cheap, the Loop 360 is the leader. If spending a little more might be more your style, the Loop 808('t s also heavier and a touch bigger).

If you want to really step up, then budget becomes an issue. The Unleashed and Loop 900 and 1080 are probably the ones I’d recommend, with the Unleashed and Loop 1080 being my top two choices.

The price of the Loop900 and the 1080 are identical, so you’re shopping feel and performance, not price, and of these two, I feel the Loop 1080 is the better choice, so much so that I am debating buying a second pair myself(for color variety). Mind you, the Loop 900 is still an excellent yoyo. Budget $50 for a pair, but it’s worth it.

The Unleashed will set you back around $38 for a pair, and they are also well worth it. No internal mechanism drives the cost down, but it is also heavier than the Loop 900 and 1080, but I like the heavier weight.

It’s really preferences. I could easily recommend the Loop 1080 and the Unleashed to anyone and feel really good about it. My preferences are the Unleashed. Is it the best? Only your preferences will determine what the best is.


Oh, okay. The store I buy my yoyos from (bird in hand) JUST got ubleased, for $20! So im going with those. I know unleashed are awesome, and when I saw them at the store I was excited. I think im going to try them. Any tips for looping?


When I started yoyoing, the loop 900 was the poop (in a good way.) now I think the loop 1080s are better loop 900s.


Tips for looping:

1: If you can get some help, do so early on. It will help for later on. Even if it’s just for inside loops to get started, it applies to everything.

2: Practice. Looping is about feel, and the only way to get that is through practicing. In that aspect, it can be a lot harder than the other styles.

3: Patience. This will take more effort to master than the stuff you’ve previously worked on. Build up slowly. 1 loop leads to 2 loops, to 5 loops to 10 loops to 20 loops. Once you’ve done 20 loops consistently, you’ve more or less got it. I have more or less not got it even after a year of really working at it.

4: Experimentation. String(cotton, slick 6, 100% polyester), bearing treatments(what kind of lube, how much) so get thick and thin lube, string length(shorter tends to be better) and whatever else you can think of.

5: Work on your other other. Just because your dominant hand can do it, your other hand is a whole other issue.

6: If you need help or have a question, ASK!!

7: Color mix and match. Don’t get matching colors so you can swap halves to ensure you’re flipping the yoyo and it’s doing it right. Plus it can look cool. Complimentary or contrasting!


I learned looping with the 900s, they’re actually the only loopers I used… but I’m looking to get the 1080s. they look really nice and seem to play really nice.