First Looper

I want toget into looping and I found this old beat up knock-off clutch yoyo that i can do like 3 to 5 loops with but i want to invest in a yoyo thatll help me progress. Iv been thinking about the Unleashed and the Oracle. Any help guys? Any recommendation is welcome

Depending on how much you want to spend. If you are looking for cheap ones Loop 360s are good you just hav to change response. If you plan to go pro then I would say the 1080s, LPs, Initiator, Vortex, or Crook. I have only played with 1080 and 360 so I cannot comment on the others but I am pretty sure 1080 are the easiest to tune.

The Oracle is just a YoYoFactory Loop 360 branded for a competing store. The 360s are decent for a first looper but if you’re looking for something to progress with I would recommend the YoYoFactory Loop 1080.

The Unleashed is a pretty good choice. I own a pair of Unleashed as well as 1080s, they’re both great yo-yos, but I prefer the 1080 personally.

Everyone will have their own opinion on which is best so just try a few for yourself and see what you prefer.

The YYF 1080 is good, I throw mine almost every day. Also look at the 900 and the yomega raider.

Right now I favor the Loop 1080. I’m pretty new to looping and I’ve tried a good selection of throws. The problem you may run into is getting it set up. I wasn’t a fan of th 1080 until I learned how to set it up. To do that you need to have a basic understanding of things like string tension, length, gap width, etc. There is a thread called the 2A Discussion Thread and it has some great links that explains those things.

For you information, Shinji Saito win the world with raiders :slight_smile:

Modded raiders to be precise because normal raiders won’t work

On fb contact Tyler hiesh he’s best at modding them.

of course it has to be modded

I can vouche for Tyler’s mods. He just sells the replacement axles and you have to get a 2mm bearing. No breaking of the yoyo is required.