Best beginner looping yoyo

So i have been interested in getting into looping yoyoing, but do not know which yoyo would be best for a beginner. I have looked at the new loop 360 but do not know if that would be the best for a beginner.


NOTE: i have yoyoed before but only unresponsive

although i dont think the Loop900 is the “best” beginner looper. i would recommend buying this pack

you basically get 2 loop900 for $35, plus a Shaqler Star.  extremely great deal, you’ll find no better deal.

Loop900 are rated pretty good, it’ll take you from beginner to pro. at first it’ll be hard to use because you’ll have to tune the hex to find a good gap responsiveness. then it’ll take time to learn how to use the correct gap width.
some say they dont like it, but others really do.  and i say, go for it! i also have a pair and i think they are pretty good!

plus this deal is unbelievably good!!!
i would definitely bought this if i didnt have a pair of Loop900 myself!

The 360 is for beginners and advanced and they are cheep so I would go with them.

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that deal is over

nope, YYE is releasing all past pro packs that were not sold out. check it out!

I got that pack and It rules. The 900’s were free with the Shaqlerstar. And you get two for 2a once you learn to loop,

Sold out now.

Speed Beatles are a cheap option or a loop 360

Loop 808 or Loop 360. Same yoyo, but the loop 808 is the signature yoyo of alex garcia, and i personally think looks way more high class.