whats a good cheap looping yoyo




a nice pair of Yomega Raiders


The Shinwoo Loop is a great cheap looping yo yo.


I think I’m going to pick up a pair of proyos today. Or maybe some speed beetles.


Loop 720. It is a lighter version of Loop 900 is which is great. For any yoyo player, it will be easier to start 2A with a light looper. Loop 720. If it runs out, get a pair of Shinwoo Loop. I’ve heard they act the same.


Yes, they are.

Yes, they are, and cheap too.


Loop 720’s or 900’s.


Loop 900 is very heavy for a beginner. Even for an advanced player. Best to learn with light looper.


Since you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to looping (or pretty much anything else for that matter, but that’s beside the point), please refrain from giving completely uninformed advice.

Loop 900’s are fine if you want to learn looping. If you want to learn, there’s no point in learning with something that you’re going to stop using eventually. Learn loops correctly from the very beginning. Find a set of loopers that you’re comfortable with and stick with them. 900’s are great, and so are Sunsets. Spend a few extra bucks and get a solid set of loopers that you’re comfortable with, and you won’t be sorry.


I think shinwoo loop or loop 720


Even still, the 720’s (which I use) are only 3 grams lighter than the 900’s. A couple of hours of practice and you won’t even notice the difference.


Pair of fire dogs… 10$… That’s pretty cheap…


honestly the raider is pretty awesome. Its been around a long time, but the only problem is it doesn’t come with plastic spacers in stock you have to buy them (at least mine didnt). As if this wasn’t enough you have to sand down the spacers. I think its completely worth it though, especially at $10 for one. I love playing with my raider just as much as my loop 900’s. A great yoyo that you can find at your local hobby store or toys r us.


blackhops33, Raiders come with spacers. The original version comes with one set of metal spacers. The Raider Ex comes with an assortment of metal spacers so you can adjust the gap w/o having to sand the spacers. I’ve found that on the original version using one duncan sili pad or friction sticker makes them play very nice w/o having to shave the spacers.

People who mod the original version generally replace the metal spacers with the plastic ones because they are easier to sand down.


Ah yes thank you for the correction! Mine did come with metal spacers but unfortunately they caused some unwanted unresponsiveness while looping. I find the plastic spacers to be a great mod making the raider one of my favorite looping yoyos. once again thanks for the correction jhb8426

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From my own experience the speed beetle is ace. And only around 9 $