looping yo-yo?

what is a good looping yo-yo. my GF thought it would be cute to get me a yo-yo book its a looping and i don’t loop. So what do you people recommend for looping?

loop 900s, unleashed, modded raiders, sunset trajectories, loop 720s, reverbs
just to name a few

Depends on what you want to spend. There’s plenty of decent stuff out there. But, is a $11 BumbleBee(or the cheaper non-packaged ones) sufficient? A $10 Shinwoo Loop? Yomega Raiders are surprisingly good, as are the EX’s. There’s also the YYJ Unleashed and the YYF Loop 900. Oh, the Duncan Pulse is cheap, as is the Duncan ProZ. The ProZ is running around $8 right now and out of the package it’s a looper, and you can convert to wing shaped via the included Mod Spacers and longer axle inside the package. You can do further mods with a longer axle and beefcake it, remove the caps and add a rubber gasket ring for a weight ring. For $8, it’s a good, adaptable, fun yoyo.

I guess it depends on what is around and what you’re willing to spend. It seems Toys R Us has a stock of Yomega and Duncan, so if you’re just into this to satisfy her for looping, I’d say head there and get a Raider. Nothing against YYE by any stretch, but it’s not worth the shipping in this instance.

Ok so i have no clue which one to pick up i might get a pair of raider or ex’s i like those one. and with the ex’s is it really worth buying that one instead? do the things it comes with help that much?

I haven’t played the Raider so I can’t comment on the differences between that and the EX version as I only have the EX version.

As I said, decide who you are learning looping for. If for her due to the book, it’s up to you what you want to spend. If it’s because you want to learn, then maybe spend more than you might have otherwise spent.

If you’re going for the Raider - get a pair (not the EX) and get two sets if yoyofactory spacers for the Loop900 these are nylon spacers, way better that metal spacers in EX.
Some over crank, don’t risk it - you’ll be good to go.

If you want to spend a little less, grab a pair of Shinwoo loop’s - good stuff, better than a bubmblebee

If you want to spend a little more buy a pair of YoYoJam Unleashed’s

I like my Loop 900’s, but I think the unleashed give you more bang for the buck…