Beginning Looping Yoyo Help

I want to get into 2a but I can’t decide on a yoyo to start with. I looked at the loop 900’s and the unleashed and the raider and raider ex and the shinwoo loop. I really liked the raider ex because you could adjust it but you can do that with the loop 900’s too. I want to start with a good reliable looper but I don’t want to spend a ton of money and end up not even liking 2a. Any help?

I have 900s and theyvfeel… smooth compared to other loopers. Theres some flowy feel to them when you loop.

I hear the Raider EX’s need a bit of “love” before they are good to go for competition. I have a pair modified for competition. The positive side is that if you need a quick fix, the Raiders and Raider EX’s can possibly be had at a local Toys R Us, but if you can wait a few days, YYE will be more than willing to send a set your way if you pay for it!

The Unleashed is adjustable gap by twisting. This is my choice for now.

I plan to get a pair of Loop900’s soon.

I say Unleashed. At under $40 for the pair, it’s affordable, reasonable and good to go out of the box. This is what I have and am trying to learn to use.

I heard that the Loop900’s initially had problems, but that problem got resolved a long time ago so you can buy with no worries. But for starting out, it might be a bit too much. At the same time, if you end up liking it, then it will turn out to be a really good buy.

DO read all input. While I’m recommending the Unleashed, please do take all advice under consideration before making the purchase.

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Just ordered two unleashed’s!

One thing I have noticed between the Loop900s and the Unleashed is the the Unleashed are a little more unforgiving compared to the 900s. When I use the 900s I can loop rather well with both hands, but when I pick up the Unleashed I begin to see my weaknesses especially with my right hand. So that is why I try to use the Unleashed more so I can clean up my looping.

the loop 808s are coming out soon, too. haven’t tried them, but they’re good enough for alex garcia!