YoyoFactory Loop 900 or Yoyojam Unleashed

I need a good 2a yoyo. Which one?

Ok Thanks.


Just presenting an opposing point of view, in addition to the fact I like the Unleashed better.

Both are good. It’s what you end up liking in the end that matters.

I was looking at the RecRev reverb with interest earlier today.

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I prefer the 900, I haven’t used the unleashed but you will not be dissapointed in the 900, i can assure you of that, especially since the 900 has an adjustable gap :slight_smile:

the unleashed has an adjustable gap as well.

It’s a coin flip… I like the Unleashed, but just by the smallest margin… YYF has the new 808 coming out after Worlds… looks tasty

Why not taking a pair of Raiders? Although loop900 is basically looks like a modded raider (actually they have the very similar – if not the same shape), but I found one side with the key seems to be a tad heavier… not really a problem though.

There’s always Loop 720’s. I am liking mine, about as much as my friends Unleashed. Maybe it’s the weight and SOS response.

I agree. With a price tag to match! I mean this in a good way. It will be pretty much right in the “Unleashed” price point. With no mechanical gap adjustment, that drives costs down. With a replaceable response, it shouldn’t eventually become useless.

I would take a look at some Raiders as well, I’ve been using mine for 1 hand looping (since I haven’t got 2 of them nor the skill to use 2 of them) and it has worked great! You don’t really have to mod them either but it would probably be a good idea but if you don’t want to just wrap the string around the bearing 4 times and you’ll be fine but modding them (the right way) would probably be better if you are going to be going serious 2a. Hope this helps!

I’ve been meaning to ask this of you and others for a while: does the Raider EX play as well as a modded Raider? Does the gap get as tight as anyone would want it?

I’d like to get another pair of loopers to complement my Sunset Trajectories and Speed Beetles, but I’m still undecided… I’ve used the Unleashed and Loop 900s very briefly and liked both. Are lighter yo-yos typically easier for learning punching bags?

Man, if the one side with the key is a tad heavier on the 900s, I’m shocked they didn’t think of that. I’m assuming it’s negligible? I would think they would have balanced it somehow.

Like I said before, the difference won’t affect the loops, really. Also I’m not sure if other people will think the same way as I am, so let’s just call it my personal assumption.

Lighter yoyos won’t really affect punching bags, the thing that affects it is the setting and of course your skill. You’ll find that with tighter setting, the yoyo seems to be “lighter” although it’s not, so it’s a matter of setting up your yoyos properly. I will never recommend using stock raider with 4 times wraps around the bearing or something like that, it’s horrible.

I have a friend who likes Raider-ex more than modded raider so I’ll say they should be decent. I haven’t tried any ex though. One thing about modded raider is you can mod the gap more flexible than the ex, but not reversible.

Does the Raider EX play as well as a modded Raider? That’s my biggest question…

I was just edited my post, sorry I missed that one question.
I can’t say which yoyo is better, it’s the matter of preference. Hiraku Fujii from japan used ex and he plays very well so there should be nothing wrong with it. If you don’t want the hassle to mod your raider, get a pair of exs.

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I have Raiders, I put Loop900 spacers in them, didn’t really crank them, just tightened them up real nice. The Loop900 spacers are just below flush, really tightens the gap.

They are heavier than Loops and Unleashed’s.

I picked up an EX and the only difference I can see is that it comes with a bunch of spacers, all are metal and you’d want to get nylon ones. You can get the Loop900 spacers can be bought here.