Raider EX?

I’ve been thinking about getting some Raiders for 2A, but abit scared to crank it (sorta lazy too)…
Then I read something on YoyoWiki about the Raider EX having different spacers and how it’s “intended to remove the need for modding.” (

I was wondering if the EX will perform the same as the Raider…or if Raiders are even THAT good for looping. Right now, I have a pair of 720s, and I hate them. It seems to “slip” causing the yoyo to be somewhat unresponsive and go into Around the Worlds randomly.

What do you guys think? To Raider or not to Raider…o.o’’
I’ll be getting 900s around August though…but this would go to my Yoyo Club at school as a Club yoyo.

Sounds like your 720s need their response replaced.

Well-modded Raiders are some of the best 2a yoyos out there. You can buy them from other people modded. The choice is yours. I’ve tried Raider EX’s and they’re alright but I’ve had better luck with modded Raiders.

Rodded Raiders never fail.

Ruhro Raggy.

I actually just replaced on of my 720s…it slips even more -.-’’
How much would modded Raiders cost?

Depends who you get them from. You could also just get some Sunsets or some other 2a yoyo. Yours the choice is.

How easy is it to break a Raider while cranking…

If your careless, very easy. If you are careful while cranking and know the limits of your yoyo, then you will be fine.

Sorry to ask so many questions…but what 2A yoyo do you prefer?

I personally use Relics. I love them.

I’d like to try Relics.

I use modded raiders.

Have you tried 900s?