yomega raiders..

is it ok/adivisable to mod them?.
and another question - can the mod can be done to both raiders and raider EX? (i mean the mod that is sanding the plastic spacers and crank the yo-yos)

  • i hear also that petrollium jelly is another alternative thick lube for 2A yo-yo’s.
    is it ok?

i need advice, answers & tips! :slight_smile:

hmm…maybe, because you might want your raiders to be responsive to loop well.

Happy Throwing! =]

yes it is better to mod them because if you dont it can barely loop.For the raider ex i recemoned not to sand the spacers just use the thinnest one and overtighten it.But i prefer raider over raider ex.

Petrolium Jelly are great for 2a.

if you are not sure how to mod raiders just see josh yee’s video.

Hi! Glad you are interested in Raiders!
I think its fine to mod them for 2A! If you want a really nice looping yoyo, its the way to go in my opinion.

The mod can be done on the raider, but the raider EX only needs different spacers to work well. But they loop a bit more upward than modded raiders will.

Petroleum jelly is an alternative but it will be more responsive than thick lube. But as an alternative, it works quite well.

So you are taking up 2A? :slight_smile:
That makes me happy.

2A is a great style to learn, but many people just dont want to take the time to learn it.

Good luck on your 2A journey!

And remember to check out the 2AMaster website!


Good luck!


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Yes! I’m Taking up 2A!.
I’m Inspired By John Ando & Shinji Saito!

Dont Worry Jayyo!
I Know Your WebSite! :slight_smile:
I Always Visit it for some info’s bout 2A & 2A tricks…