Mods scare me

So I’m going to mod my raider to loop but, as the title says, mods scare me I’m so worried that I will break my raider. Also can anyone give me a good tutorial.

Much appreicated!

There’s different kinds of yoyo mods. What part of the yoyo are you trying to mod?


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lol, when I clicked on this I was thinking Moderators.

Icthus and JM freak me out, too, lol.

Can someone explain what x52 is talking about.


He is saying that there is more than a single way to mod a yoyo.

So the question is, How do you want your yoyo modded?

don’t know I am a compleat noob when it comes to this. What are the diffrent mods for?

well, I don’t mod but you can paint, shave the anodizing of, create a groove around the bearing seat to be able to apply silicon, etc, etc. A mod is what every you do to your yoyo to make it play how you want it to play, or make it look the way you want to look.

You said you wanted to mod your raider?

I believe a raider is meant for looping out of the box. What is wrong with it that makes you want to mod it?

I thought you had to mod it to make it loop better

not exactly. You can put thick lube in it to make it more responsive. Usually that should be done when the bearing gets dry of lube.

Was it doing loops fairly well after you learned them? and now its just get worse?
If that is the case, then thick lube will help you master your looping skills by keeping it responsive.

Ok I will try that tomorow as it is 10:30 pm in the uk now.

good luck!

Thank you for your luck, I’ll need it

Actually there is a raider mod that makes it a better looper.

Since Andre is allowing links to other stores I guess I’ll post this. This is a detailed tut so pay attention to every detail.,211.0.html

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Ahh, thank Icthus, I don’t have a raider so I wouldn’t know what to tell him other than what I did say.

Is is the mod I am looking at doing… Any tips I’ll need them!

When cranking a raider don’t be disappointed when you break it, many people do.

thanks for that now i feel so much better about modding… :-[

sarcasm is greatly appreciated