If i get a pair of raiders for 2a should i mod them

I dont know if i want raiders or loop 360s if i get the raiders idk if i want to mod them and for the loop 360s if the response pads will wear out

Yes you realy want to mod them or you will have trouble learning 2a and your loops will be very slow and i don’t recommend response pad in loopers beacause it is a such agrresive style and with a lot of string friction than the pad will not last so long depending on the usage so go with raiders and mod them , and you can also consider a fireball because,in my opinion, bearing are useless in loopers , it’s not like you needed much sleep time to do around the world and all you need to mod a fireball is a drill and sandpaper ^^

If you get the Raider Ex you don’t need to mod them. Just swap spacers. If you get stock Raiders try adding one friction sticker or sili pad. It may work for you. Modding them (correctly) is not trivial.

My experience with my Raider vs a Loop 1080 is that you will not get looping satisfaction out of a stock Raider. I haven’t played with a modded one for comparison, but it’s irrelevant… the stock one is not that great for looping, which is your question. :wink:

A stock Raider w/a friction pad works just fine. It’s easier than trying to mod them and screwing up 10 before you get one right unless you’ve done it before.

p.s. I have one modded by a pro and the sticker works as well for me, but I’m just a hack at it. Until you get serious it works.

You would think that Yomega would get the hint eventually.

the black thin raider spacers do not need to be sanded down, so could potentially be a thing

Yes, they did - Raider Ex

Its not that hard to mod a raider is it? You just sand down nylon spacers and over tighten if needed

Will higher end loopers loop faster? Because my duncan ones (ignigte, lime light etc.) loop very slow

Why not just fix the Raider? I thought that pros don’t like metal spacers.

Nope, I guess that’s all there is to it.

Um, guys? :wink:

To answer your question, yes and no. If you wanna use long string, you can just loop it right away (maybe use double loop stringing method). If you wanna use short string for potentially faster loop, you will need to mod it. Getting more technical, stock raider have huge kickback (feels like it’s so rim heavy) making it not ideal to loop with shorter string… it IS loopable that way but it’s not comfortable, you have to really compensate by pushing the loop downward… unless you use longer string which will reduce the kickback making it more comfortable, but it may be too long to do “modern” 2a and long string is slower (long string looping is kinda old school looking).
The idea of a Raider “pre modded” from the factory, although it sounds like a good idea, it’s not. People use different kind of strings of different thickness and different lengths, they all affect yoyo setup and play differently, also people have their own preferences, making things more complicated than it is. Yomega’s answer for this problem was using different metal spacers which is quite simple yet so effective with the Raider EX. For other people (like me), custom modded Raider/Fireball is still the best.

I personally prefer sanding them down myself because how much you sand can affect play.

Looping speed depends mostly on the player, then setup (gap, response, string length)… yoyos don’t matter that much unless they are very heavy.