raiders mod

(Ryan) #1

…i understand the sanding plastic spacer thing but wouldnt it be the same size as the mtal spacer??what’s the difference?and i thought overtightening can ruin yoyos?


Thats the point of the mod, overtightening it so that the space between the gaps are smaller, and it will be more responsive. And the metal spacer can’t be crushed, thats why they use plastic spacers, and crush them.

(Ryan) #3

oh but why do we need to sand them???and im very scared to overtighten it… :’(

(JonasK) #4

yhe sanding is to make the crushing easier I think.


Yeah, I am assuming you are looking at this guide:,211.0.html

In this case, over tightening wont really mess it up, but make it better to loop. Trust Pat, he knows what he is doing :wink:

(Jei Cheetah) #6

The sanding of the spacers is for the looping of the yoyo itself.

If you tried putting the two spacers over your bearing, you would see that there isnt really much space for the string to slip into, if you did the mod and didnt sand the spacers, it would work and would just snag.

The sanding lets there be more space for the string for room on both spacers, resulting in better spin times for the yoyo as well as keeping its looping ability.

Wonderful mod, a bit risky, but when done right, its absolute magic!

Good luck!


(Ryan) #7

oops i think i sand my spacers too much well just a bit smaller…is it ok?because i dont have any spacers left…
how come its hard to overtighten the raider?


Overtighten = crush.

Its not easy to crush plastic!

(Ryan) #9

guys thanks for the help and especially to josh yee for that video but i encountered a few problems after i was done… of my raiders doesnt loop that nice and tends to be unresponsive some times…i need more response
2.sometimes i dunno why the yoyo will go up many times should i crank it??i only crank it once because i am not strong enough to crank another and im scared it will crack so its not that responsive but still great
4.what lube should i use best?currently im using thick lube but i dont think its that great…what other oil works great for looping?

i gues thats all…thanks


Just use thick lube, its good enough. You can crank it as many times as you want. Oh, and you might wanna triple loop on the ball bearing.

(Ryan) #11

ooo ok but im scared to crank more and if i do 3 loops its a bit better but cant sleep that long and still sometimes unresponsive
Please give me advice fellow yoyoers that done this mod

(Ryan) #12