raider making high loops/looping upwards


I recently bought a new yomega raider. Right out the package it makes really high loops or loops upwards. no matter how hard I try to keep the loops down. I also noticed something different on this raider compaired to other peoples, the bearing spacers are metal and not plastic. I have tried cranking the gap as tight as possible too and it still doesn’t help. there really isn’t much room for adjustment when tightening or lossening. any ideas? or anyone know why my spacers are metal?


Granted, it’s designed to work specifically with a modded raider, but it still applies to pretty much any looping yoyo.

(rizkiyoist) #3

Buy plastic spacers and sand the lip down into the starburst height, if you sanded past the starburst, take another and try again. Then crank the gap into the desired width.