yomega raider set up?

is the sanded plastic spacer set up better a raider with 1 metal spacer and a loop 900 spacer and bearing with thick lube?

I really don’t understand your question. Why don’t you take a deep breath, slow down and try again?

Ask again in English.

sorry is the raider with sanded plastic spacers better in comparison to a raider with 1 stock metal spacer and a unmodded spacer from a loop 900 and a loop 900 bearing.

That’s better - thanks.

It really depends on how good a job you can do modding it. People who are good at modding raiders get really good results sanding the spacers. Others end up with a lot of broken raiders.

so should i stick with the loop 900 spacer and metal spacer set up or try to mod my raider?

If what you have works ok, I’d leave it. Learning to mod raiders sanding the spacers takes a long time and a few raiders to get it right.

If you have $$$$$$$$$ then I would try to mod em’. if you can’t buy lots of replacements or you like the ones you have don’t mod them.

I’m planning to buy Fireballs for modding.
But, does sanding the plastic spacers a bit more than the usual work too? I figure that I can always buy extra spacers but I can’t always buy Fireballs/Raiders if I ever break it.

I know the feeling of have lots of broken raiders. cheap yoyo though, so not a big deal.