Raider Mod

Where can I buy a Raider Mod kit? I’m assuming that amounts to plastic spacers from what I’ve researched so far. Unless there is a legitimate kit that doesn’t involve sanding spacers down… I saw a video that says I have to remove the metal spacers and sand down plastic spacers, then really over tighten the two halves to tighten the gap. I plan on playing it for a while before I mod it, but I like to plan ahead. I may like it the way it is.

There is no kit per se. You have to buy the stock plastic spacers and sand them down. The plastic spacers are actually fireball spacers. You might find them at an online store, but you will most likely have to purchase them from yomega.

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Some, I guess the newer Raider plastic spacers don’t require sanding, they are already at proper height.
It goes something like this:
old white spacers = require sanding
new white spacers = no sanding
black spacers = no sanding

Do not, I repeat, do not overtighten the Raider of Fireball in stock condition, unless you want to end up with broken yoyos.

I was concerned about that. I’m guessing that right out of the box, the Raider is going to be a suitable for what I can and will do with it. I probably won’t even have to change the spacers. (Or will I?)

It’s not impossible, but certainly difficult to loop a stock Raider or Fireball.
Lube the bearing, thick and full 1a length string, that’s about the best you can do. If you wanna go with shorter string, mod is a must otherwise it’ll loop too upwards and loose.

Raiders loop fine if lubed well with the string double looped on the axle. If you need more response put in one duncan friction sticker or sili pad. No mod needed.