Yomega Raider.

Can someone post a Raider Mod vid. Thanks.

Is it just a raider or is it a raider ex? If it’s the EX then there is no mod. If it’s theold style raider then you just tighten it till you hear it cracking. It’s a delicate mod. You are esentially breaking it.
Pat is the only one I would trust to do it for me.

Like honestly a 4 year necro.

Well, it does come up quite frequently, but this vid left a couple of unanswered questions in my mind. One issue that confused me is that I thought you sanded the back side of the spacers. The other issue is that the tightening/cracking is not addressed. Basically it seems this one is mainly how to put a bearing in a nebula or fireball. It really isn’t the raider looping mod people ask about.

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basicly what I had done is turned the fireball or nebula into a raider and properly fitted them as this isn’t done from the factory (lazy IMO)

I sanded the bearing seat side, what happens is that the bearing just ends up in a little nylon cocoon and it doesn’t even reach the bearing. So you want to file or sand it down till the responce becomes usable.

the cracking noise you have heard of is small fractures being created in the Nyloc/nut retainer. If your not careful you will crack and or ruin your raider. This is a simple thing I’ve done several times but is very touchy and can be done on the stock raider to achieve similar performance, but if you catch the yoyo to hard you can snap the retainer (shows on the caps as this is the same piece on the modern and roller bearing raiders) it’s touchy, but can be done. This is called the"Crush mod".

while this isn’t the cheap way to do it, its the most effective and lasts the longest, also keeping your raider looking and performing top. To do the same thing to the raider you would only need to get the nylon spacers and file them as shown.

any other things I can help you with?

Yomega Ambassador Colter Calvetti