Fireball/Raider modding. New way to mod them?

So many of you know the traditionnel way to mod a raider and fireball but I have “discovered” a new way to mod them to be more responsive. I prefer this way 1) because you do not have to crank and 2) because I thought of it so it must be awesome.

So first you unscrew you raider/fireball and take out the guts and put them somewhere. Then you take some second thinnest size A spacers (the ones that come stock with the speed beetle. They are dark colored. Can be found here and you put them in. You then take a thin lubed size A bearing (1 comes with the parts kit but it is super thick lubed so you need to clean it thin lube it but once you do that it isn’t half bad). Afterwards you put 1 or 2 friction stickers over the starburst. (your choice. I find it loops better with 2 and faster with 2 but first put on 1 and if you don’t like it try out 2.)If you put 2 friction stickers on though it won’t be able to sleep for a while until you break in the pads in but once you do it is so nice. And there you go! Try it out and tell me what you guys think. You can also use just the thinnest silver spacers without the friction stickers but I don’t really like the way it loops that way.

cmon try it out the worst thing that could happen is you lose 2 friction stickers. :wink:

I’ve always had better results using just one friction sticker in my raiders.

Are you using an E (i think that is yomega size) or an A bearing? Because I’ve gotten better results with 2 stickers when I have it setup as described.

Yes - That’s with the stock yomega bearing.