Is there any other fireball/raider mod other than gap crank one?

(rizkiyoist) #1

I wonder if there is another way to mod fireballs or raiders other than the classic plastic spacer+cranked gap. I’m not looking for mods that only make loops easier but impossible to sleep, that would be useless for me. I’m also not going to mod it to accept silicone/pad response too.


Like what did you have in mind? What doesn’t it do well that needs fixing? They are primarily loopers so not much more to do. Pads will fit w/o any modifications. Just apply them over the starburst.

(rizkiyoist) #3

I heard somebody purposely scratched the inner wall making it better for looping, haven’t thought about that kind of mod before, so maybe there are other ways that I possibly don’t know yet.


I have heard of people who grind down the spacers on each side. You would have to be really exact though if you wanted to do this

(rizkiyoist) #5

^Yeah, I mod my raiders that way actually :stuck_out_tongue: