I’ve had this question a lot in my mind lately and I just wanted to know if any modder out there can explain in great detail what a modded yoyo is and how (examples) to mod it (sorry I’m pretty sure my terms are off)


No need for great detail. Very simply a modded yoyo is one that has been modified or changed in some way by reshaping or changing the response or bearing. There are various examples in this section as well as in the showcase area.




Mod is to modify (as stated above) it can be anything different then the yoyo that came in the package taking out caps, painting, siliconing, reshaping, dye eect eect eect


How can you reshape?


using a lathe to cut into the throw to reshape. Example the old yyf ONE has plain halves the new ONE has cut down like the PGM it’s hard to describe try looking it up:)

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Any of these things would be considered a mod to a yoyo.

This is about all of them. The most done, at least.


You forgot the list.