Yoyo modding!

Good afternoon,

First of all, I would like to know how you mod a yoyo. I want to take advantage of yoyoing as I have never done this before. Perhaps some yoyo craftsmanship will give me a little idea of coming up with yoyo tricks.

Second, in what way can you start modding with yoyo? I’ve been playing with those little toy things when I was a fruit of love. I know it’s possible to craft a yoyo, but I never knew.

Third, I’m thinking when I get a yoyo, and when I take a video shoot, I’m thinking of creating an animation about yoyoing.

Can anybody help?

Thanks for posting here!

It’s a real honor.

I’m a big fan!

In all seriousness, regarding your question, most yoyos don’t need modding anymore.

As far as maintenance and care, most of the time just make sure the bearing is clean and the string is fresh.

Welcome to the hobby!
It’s a blast!

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Thanks Adam for the welcome and the helpful advice.

Most mods nowadays are cosmetic. I remember some guy winning the world yoyo contest mod division with a yoyo that had a Ducati rim design on the sided.

The fact that your name is Adam adds so much to this.

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Lol that’s what I was thinking!

Careful, guys. There might be a stray lightening bolt floating around here. :slight_smile:

When (and maybe if) you start getting into unresponsive play, you might wanna look into how to silicone a yoyo. It’s pretty simple.

Was that put on TV?


Wonderful! I did it and as you said it was simple.

Are you talking about S.kon’s Nostalgia?

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Wanna see mine?


First image on Google, huh? Yeah, I want to see yours.

Okay, since you deserve to see mine here you go.

just an FYI that yo-yo was actually based on a very old Mercedes (I believe his original write up on it actually included the original picture he was inspired by)