Your mods

What yoyo do you use most and what do you have on it?

Mine is,

YoyoFactory Shutter (Solid Black)

Large SPEC bearings (Konkave Ceramic bearings currently in the USPS truck)

Polyester Kitty Strings

(Tan) Natural slim response pads

already a couple of these threads but…

YYR Draupnir(Temper Rims)

Trifecta 10 ball

YYSL Ammo,Venom

Personal Mix of Red and clear flowable silicon :slight_smile:

Benchmark V
OD guts
Brass Ultralights
YYE Expert String

mustard mmc
brass ultralights
gold flat bearing
green kitty fat

truly an unbeatable setup if i do say so myself.

Quite frankly, I don’t see swapping a bearing and what string you use deserving to be called a valid modification of a yoyo.

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Agreed. I think the better term to use in this case would be yoyo setup instead of yoyo modification

I see what you are saying, but “modify” is making partial changes, so it makes sense based on strict definition, but quite unorthodox

No, it’s setup or tuning, nothing more.
Saying otherwise belittles the efforts of true modders.

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Things I’ve done

Other things I’ve done


[/vocabulary lesson]

The definition is pretty self explanatory lol

I was trying to show my reaction to the use of “belittle” on something not degrading to modders