Why is KK’ing considered a mod? It’s just removing the bearing and changing it ??? Ive been wondering this for a while, and pheenix also posted about it.

Just as you said, I have been wondering about this too. When I hear about KK’ing as a mod, I think that the modder takes a bearing and makes a groove in it. If I play my SpeedMaker with a 10ball, I won’t say that I’ve modded it, just changed the bearing. And the same should go for a KK.

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Technically, mod means modification, so…

I get what you mean, though. It’s so simple and minor, you wouldn’t think to consider it a mod.

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haha so is changing strings also considered a “Mod”? ;D ;D :smiley:

People often make their own KK’s from regular bearings (with a drill or other method). I think when it’s done like that it should really be considered a mod, but when it’s purchased it’s really too simple.

Changing bearings is actually considered tuning.

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Call it what you want, but…

A very,very,very,very small mod. I can several of those per minute…

Addment: the M1 has a very “slippy” bearing seat. The bearing just falls out if I hold it upside down.

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Well because it has a higher up seat so it can’t grab and stick because of the with depth.

Changing a bearing is a mod and is a real one. You MOD the bearing in your YoYo.

But then again, changing a string is a mod, loosening the gap is a mod and so on.

Then why is changing the axle tuning, instead of modding? Usually a mod is considered to alter the physical properties of the yoyo. By changing the bearing, the physical properties of the yoyo isnt changed, or for the string, etc.

Who said it wasn’t modding? Mod is short for modification. A change is a change, significant or not. Tuning and modding aren’t separate things so to say. You make mods to tune your yo-yo.

But I am going off of Kim-Lan:

1. an act or instance of modifying.

1. to change or alter slightly.

But you are right, in YoYo language, Mod is:



If you want to think about it that way…

I’m guessing you wouldn’t consider this a mod either then: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,2082.0.html

The physical properties of the yo-yo wasn’t changed.

Yes it was. He sanded it down to have flat rims, as it had round rims before. He physically altered it by changing the shape.

Maybe he “physically altered” it, but he didn’t change the physical properties of it.

Oh, I see! You are good! Okay, I shall go back and edit my post!



But IMO, It is a mod.


Changing the bearing might be a mod, but I don’t think we should talk about it as a mod. If I put a KK in my SpeedMaker I’m not saying “Yeah, I modded that yoyo to the beyond”. I would rather say something like “Hmm I changed the bearing in my yoyo”.

So let’s just not care about the definition of the word modification. Because putting a KK in a yoyo may be a mod, but there is no reason for us to call it a mod. We are going way to deep in the dictionary and it is just a bearing change.

Simulation of discussion:

yoyoer #1: Hi!

yoyoer #2: Hey! Guess what? I modded my Dark Magic (please don’t get caught up in this)

yoyoer #1: Awesome! What did you do?

yoyoer #2: I put a KK in it, changed the pads and put on some Perfect Fit String.

yoyoer #1:

Addment: That pretty much shows why we shouldn’t call a bearing change a mod. KK’ing is making a groove in a bearing. End of discussion