Lyn Fury

I ordered a Lyn Fury just so that i could mod it but the only mod i could think of was a kk bearing. Can someone please post something about a good mod for the Lyn Fury? P.S my LYn Fury should get here tomorrow or actually by my time later today.(its 12:13AM)

flat rims

whats that?


since thelyn fury is round butterfly you could satin the rims and make them flat rims

Don’t get a KK, its not really a mod, all you’re doing is switching bearings.

You can Satin finish one.
Flat rim it.
Silicone the O-Rings
Clean the bearing (I’m pretty sure its considered a mod)

That’s all I can think of right now.

Neither cleaning a bearing or changing one is a mod.

By definition changing and cleaning are mods. We had a discussion over that a while ago. However, the connotation of the word now makes those not mods.

But yes, you could reshape it, satin it, make some thumb grind rings, schmoove…etc.

Just as an example, what you are saying is that if I change the tires on my car then I modded it? The tires are the same size but the tread is different. just like a kk or a flat bearing. Just trying to clarify. Modding is changing it from stock. Bearing type doesn’t really matter. Its still a bearing. Removing the luve in it is the same thing. Some bearings come pre-lubed and some don’t. UNLESS you change the size of the bearing. Then thats a major mod.

I wasn’t really sure if it would be considered a “mod”…

Yeah. Most modders don’t consider it a mod.

Found the topic.,2514.0.html

If you read it, technically putting a koncave in is a mod because mod is short for modification and you are modifying the yoyo.

But yes, because it is so small and easy of a mod that many people don’t consider it one.

If you must be right then I will not say anymore on the topic.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to sound like I’m a know it all.

haha same here.

ok it is technically a mod, but not a serious one.
now to get back to the topic…
i would satin it
put 1 grey shim in it
recessed sili
and flat rimmed

Shimming, that’s what I was forgetting.

whats shimming

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Adding shims, its a simple mod, but I guess it is considered one.

Get some shims here.