MOdED Lyn Fury

Hey guys yesterday i moded my lyn fury. well u are probaly wondering how i moded it! very simple all i had to do was shave the o rings :slight_smile: by shaving the o rings it made it handle the string alot better and it has a longer spin time and its more unresponsive so dont waste ur money on siliconing or buying tez o rings when u could do this and save some money. i will post pictures later on. also u have to clean and lube the bearing as allways of course :). but what you should do is get a razor or a sharp knife (!NO KITCHEN CUTTING KNIFES!) more like a hunting knife sort of and cut the oring tillits level with the yoyo and you should get a rubber peice of ring left over. i will also post pictures for this of course more pictures coming enjoy.

mi can you translate the vid

Use a razorblade to cut the thing flush to the yoyo.

yes and im serious u will have unresponsive play easy. now i have to do bindโ€™s to return it. :wink: