Beginner 2A Yoyo (Also Raider Cranking)

I want to start 2A and, after doing some research, have narrowed it down to either Raiders or 1080s. I was wondering which you guys prefer, as well as how difficult it is to modify the Raiders. It looks simple enough and Yomega sells thinner black plastic spacers now

I started with loop 808 and you just need practice I don’t think it’ll effect which you get i mean. Personally I would get a fixed gap yoyo not adjustable like 1080 for starting.

I’m new to 2A and I’m learning there are a lot of variables involved; string tension, string thickness, gap width, yoyo shape/weight, technique, just to name a few. Plus everyone’s recommendations/experience tend to be different. For me having less to mess with was better. The modded Raider is my favorite so far. If you’re starting out it will be a long time before you need two matching yoyos so I would recommend getting two different ones. I’m about to order a variety of things, but I’ve played a loop 1080, 900, Raider, and YYJ Relic. If my technique was better, I could probably make a more informed decision. To answer your second question modding a Raider is easy. Replace the axel and bearing and use the existing spacers and you’re set. It cost $37 for two modded. The Raiders are the most aggressive and can hurt when they hit. Hop the fence tears up my finger more with the Raider. The 1080 is a little lighter and with the string I’m using not quite as aggressive. Im sure it can be set up to play real aggressive though. Hope this helps.

If you are thinking of Raiders, buy the Raider Ex. Comes with an assortment of spacer so you can skip the cranking/breaking part.


I should add that the 1080 has different markings on each side. I’m only using one Yoyo at a time until I perfect the movement, but I’m thinking of picking up a second Raider just to swap halves. It is helpful to know if the Yoyo is flipping properly.