Intro to 2A

I’ve never tried 2A but decided to learn. I want to put a 2A pair of throws on my Xmas list. Any recommendations? I don’t know what to look for. I have no looping skills at the moment.

What’s your budget? Still have some recommendations

If you’re budget is under 30 dollars buy a pair of Yoyofactory Loop 808.

If you’re budget is 50ish buy Yoyofactory Loop 1080 or YoYoJam Unleashed.

If you are willing to modify buy Yomega Raiders

Make sure to pick up some thick lube.

And response pads. If you’re buying Loop 808.

And you’re just starting out so just buy one yoyo don’t buy a pair and then if you like it you can buy the second one too.

Yoyomonster crook for slower or loop 1080 for faster

I have a friend trading me a single Loop 1080 so I was thinking of just picking up a second. My other thought is since I’m brand new, is buying something else to see what works best for me. I read that its a pain to set up the 1080s for novices. Is this true? Are the 360’s easier to learn on. It will probably be some time before I can handle more than one at a time. Also are the Raiders hard to mod? I like projects like that.

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Well, the 1080s are made so you can find your preference but novices might just crank them the wrong way or something and think it sucks… Some people just find this process kinda complicated while others are just fine. Either way they could bring you to pretty advanced stuff as Shu Takada won Worlds 2012 with it. Since you could buy just one you’d spend less than buying a set of other loopers so if cost matters then you could get these

You could get Duncan Hornets. They have a spacer system though instead of adjustable gaps with keys so more parts to keep and switch out instead of having to turn a screw thing at a certain rate based on your preferences but they can handle pretty advanced stuff like the 1080.

Theres 12x 2A world Champion Shinji Saito rockin them.

Shu Takada actually used Loop 900s to win Worlds 2012. But hey, if the former world champ uses 1080s now, that’s saying something.

The 1080s are great yoyos, but I recommend trying the YYJ Unleashed. The gap is easier to adjust, they’re durable, they have fewer parts to break when you’re banging them around, they can’t suddenly unscrew into pieces while you’re playing (1080s and Raiders can do this; I’m afraid to overtighten or undertighten), they’re smooth, and have a great response system. They’ll take you anywhere you need to go in 2A.

Get a Raider Ex - comes with various size spacers to change the gap.

This is another good recommendation because of the ease and precision of the spacers. I think they play great and I prefer them to 1080s, but I question their durability and stay-togetherness. If you go with them, I have Loctite blue on my threads to mitigate the falling-apart issue.