I have decided to try out some new things, including 2A. So here is my question. What is a good looper for beginners. I only have $30-$40 to spend. The only thing i don’t want is a yomega. Something about their yoyos seem cheesy.

For your budget, you can get most of what people recommend.

For $30, you can get a set of Yomega Raiders. For I’m sure under $40(I could be wrong), you can get a pair of Raider EX’s. I just bought a pair of Raider EX’s off Jayyo, so you know they gotta be legit.

Joseph Harris with Team YYJ put his name on the Unleashed and I have a pair of them. For $36 or so, you can have a pair of them. I like these, but I’m also learning looping on them as well. They are an adjustable gap. I find tightening them down all the way, then backing off like 15% of a turn, then try that and then adjust tighter or looser to taste a teeny bit at a time. I’m working on looping right now instead of getting my 1A 1.5 mount down better. I might switch modes tonight. I just want to try to get one handed looping down before Saturday but I think I’m gonna need more time.

The Loop900 is a set I’m currently not interested in getting right now. A pair will push to the upper range of your budget. They seem good but I haven’t tried them yet. They come with an adjustment tool that is also on the YYF multi-tool. Not sure how it works, don’t really care either, but the bottom line is that it works and that’s sufficient for me.

Not sure what Duncan has in regards to a “serious looper”. I know the Bumble Bee is popular, and you can get a pair without the package for cheap.

So i did some searching and i have it narrowed it down to two yoyos. So now i am asking, which one, loop 900 or the unleashed?

Go Unleashed. It’s a great yoyo, it’s less expensive and wins competitions.

Not to say anything bad about the Loop900, it also wins competitions too.

I still say Unleashed and not because I am biased towards YYJ. I think the lower price makes it a great buy-in for a looping price over the Loop900. You can always get the Loop900 later and then decide for yourself which one is the more ideal yoyo for you. I won’t say one is better than the other. The Loop900 warrants a higher price due to the adjustment mechanism right there. Better is a relative term that is determined by your preferences.

Nowever, if you’re impatient(sorry, YYE!), my local Toys R Us has a bunch of Raiders at $14.99 each. Maybe yours does too. Call ahead and see if they have them in stock. You could get a pair today if you’re impatient.

But if you can wait, I’m sure YYE has a bunch of the Unleashed yoyos in stock. I have a red and blue pair. I also saw Joseph Harris using his pair of Unleashed(I think that’s what he was using) at CalStates over the weekend. They were a light blue… maybe they were something else. As you know, YYE ships fast using Priority mail, so you probably won’t have to wait more than 3 days to get your new goodies!


I’m not familiar w/your final choices, but I will say there is nothing cheesy about Yomega Raiders or Raider EXs. Raiders were the yoyo of choice for 2A for a very long time.