$20 looping

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looking for an easy to find great looping yoyo




“An”? Not a pair?

I personally like LOOP900s. I have also invested the most time into playing LOOP900s (or a yo-yo that has practically an identical shape). I think there is a strong correlation.

You will like what you get. I also like Duncan Limelights (wood axle). You can afford a pair for the price of a single one of the others suggested to you.



I was thinking the poster was looking for a looper that was under $20 each. However, some people do looping 0A style, especially when learning.

I’d say the Unleashed. Isn’t the Raider a bit less? I have a pair of Unleashed. Looking to get a pair of Raiders and Loop900’s later on.


I got a pair of unleasheds.

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how does the duncan bee compare to every1’s reply?


While it has a ball bearing, it also has these cord brake/response pads. If you order the unpackaged ones from YYE, you can save some money.

All I will say was I was interested in until I saw the response system and I thought that’s not something I want to get. But in general they are well liked and have been around a long time. That should tell you that it’s not going to be going anywhere any time soon.

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ok narrowed choices