Do a Good Deed — Help a Looping Beginner!


Is a Loop-900 caliber yoyo really so much better than a fixed axle one?
What is the best looper stock?
What do you suggest?

Thank you!


O.K. I’m not a real looper but I personally like my Raider a lot, but I also think my Duncan Imperial (suprisingly) is also one of my favorite looping yo-yos.


I would suggest something cheap to start with, just to learn. Say a couple imperials. If you decide you want to stick with it, go with the 900’s.


start with shinwoo loops cheap and very solid players!!


I would get a pair of Duncan Pulses and a lot of friction stickers if I were you. I have no idea why, but they loop better than anything I have tried besides Reverbs, but those are pricey. BTW, I’ve never tried the Unleashed.


my pulse is the only thing i can loop with as well… weird…

(M.DeV1) #7

Unleashed is the best looping yoyo I have ever tried. Perfect weight, size, shape. I would get a pair of those.


I think the loop 900 is for nore advanced because its hard to tell the difference of the gap size at first


I have a pair of Raider EX’s I bought from Jayyo, set up for competition play. Very nice!

I also have a pair of Loop 720’s. Interesting.

I have a pair of Pulse yoyos, but I have a plan for those for a dark performance.

Then there’s my pair of Unleashed yoyos. I really like those. The starburst response should theoretically never wear out.

I would still like to get a pair of Loop 900’s. I can make my own decisions then.


If I were you, I’d start with fixed axle loopers for sure! They are slower and easier to control with starting out


Wow. Thanks all!