I wanna start looping!


Any recommendations on a good cheap looping yoyo?

Ball Bearinged and under $13. Thanks!


Just a suggestion, i would start with a fixed axle looper like a pro yo or a coca cola yoyo. They loop slower and are easier to control when you first start. Also for bearing loopers, i’ve heard the speed beetles are good, loop 900s are really good too but they are out of your price range. Hope this helps!


I think fireballs by yomega are under 13 bucks(they might be 15 at some places) With a couple mods they can perform very well for a beginner looper. They also have an extremely nice weight. If I remember correctly they feel only a little heavier that a loop 900, so they loop nicely. Last time I threw one I was terrible at looping so I didn’t have the best tastes, but it was an extremely fun yoyo to play.


The Shinwoo LOOP is a good value at $10. Just got one for one of my kids. She can’t really loop yet but she’s going to start learning forward pass and around the world so it’s an ideal starter. It is adjustable gap.


i like the idea of fixed axels… pair of fire dogs… ten bucks plus shipping… anyway… if the unleashed comes back, ive heard a lot of good things about it


Well, the Unleashed are in stock with the exception of white.


maybe a Duncan Bumble Bee, then step it up to a but more expensive looping yo-yo like the Unleashed, and later on get a Loop 900. upgrading about every month or so is a good way to improve in my opinion.

good luck ;D


just get 2 shinwoo loops only 20 bucks for both which is lready cheaper than one loop 900



I agree! I have two of these and really like them. I think I would prefer something even a little lighter than them but they are good and not any more unwieldy than any of my fixed axle yo-yos. I’m just not that good yet. :slight_smile:

(themikedurdak) #10

Do you have a drill?

And string?

A drill and string?

Then get a Speed Beetle and do this mod: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,14950.0.html
*note: I did it, and it loops amazingly.


Well if you look on the B/S/T you might find some Sunset trajectorys which are great loopers. I have one if you want it but it has a few big scratches since its plastic but loops good I would Sell it for 10$ total that includes shipping.

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Dollarstore loopers work fine for beginners.
Loop 900’s are usually for advanced.
Yomega Fireballs/Raider’s are also great,
Sunset Trajectories and YYJ Unleashed are also on the board.

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I recommend the Duncan Pulse. It works very well, and is comparable to the more expensive ones, like the Loop 900 or the Unleashed.