2A YoYo Help

So im looking to get started in 2A, i cannot make a decision yet. Should I get two Yomega Raiders, or Ex version, or a yoyo factory loop 900?
If any of guys have any other suggestion please feel free to make any.
Im not looking to spend to much on the yoyo’s maybe 50 to 60 dollars at most.

A pair of Unleashed should set you back under $45 shipped here at YYE.

If the YYF 808’s are coming to YYE, they should hit you up around the same price or so.

The Loop900’s simply cost more dueto the mechanical gap setting mechanism, but still hit under your budget.

I would get Raider EXs instead of modding Raiders.  Modding them sounds like a risky hassle (at least to me).  I found the following review helpful for the EX:


The picture of the various gap settings is exactly what I had been looking for.  The gap looks like it can get nice and tight if you need it to.

I’m torn between the Raider EXs, Loop 900s, and Unleashed.  I already have ST’s and Speed Beetles.  We’ll see…