Best 2a yoyos?

Tell me , in your mind, what is the best 2a yoyo for you. Don’t tell me it’s just opinion cause I want to hear your opinion on certain loopers. I want ro take up the style but I want to know the good and bad qualities of some yoyos. What is your favorite looper and why is the main question, also advice is needed.

Are u looking to start looping?

Yes I’ve been meaning to start for a while but I was hesitant on which yoyos I should buy

I have a profly and that’s been good for me to start, I’ve also heard the loop 360 is great to learn and they are also very cheap. I think you shouldn’t go but a $50 pair or something then find out u hate looping lol.

I’m not too knowledgeable in this subject, but that’s my two cents.

Go with the loop 360. They’re very easy to learn on and don’t take nearly as much skill to use as other higher end loopers. They’re very cheap too!

You do need to replace the pads in them every 20-30 hours of play or so, so make sure you pick up an extra couple pairs of pads.

What do you think of the unleashed cause I want looper with starburst si what do you think of the unleashed?

I like the unleashed, but I still prefer the loop 360s. The 360s loop slower, where as I feel that I really have to be concentrating when I’m using the unleashed.

         What about the loop 1080? Cause I kinda prefer something with starbursts cause I want a yoyo with pads that don't run out after a short time

The 1080 is really fast

I’d go for a pair of yoyomonster crooks since they’re slower but are still consistent and use starburst

I really like my raiders that I got midded by Azunyan. I don’t know if they’re fast or slow, because i’ve never tried any other real loopers.

Well if it was between the 1080 and the unleashed what would you choose?

Unleashed are probably better for starting out. I hear 1080s are faster and more agressive

Would the unleashed still be of a really high quality and not just a starter yoyo?

     Can the unleashed still take me through advanced looping tricks?
     Is te unleashed still an advanced looping yoyo?

So my question is the unleashed good enough to take me through advanced looping tricks?

The answer to all of those questions about the Unleashed, yes they can last you from beginner to advance, but they are pretty heavy and thus put a lot of strain on your fingers (yes, the 3 gram difference is big). The 1080s on the other hand feel a little unreliable at times (maybe it’s just my setup), but they feel a lot nicer once you get into a rythm with them. Also, sometimes I feel like I can’t tighten them enough. I think modded Raiders/Fireballs are the best beginning looping yoyos because you can crank them as much as you want.

        So what do you think would be the best between the unleashed and the 1080 cause I don't want to mod anything?

Could have sworn I posted this here before:,70568.0.html

From the review you can see that the crook is most likely the best choice for you

well even though the crook seems good, I also saw that it loops slow and I wanted simething fast but I can’t find many reviews on the 1080