In depth look at the competitive 2a yoyos

I am one of Crucial’s 2a players, and am here to discuss with you the modern competitive looper. The loopers I would like to discuss today are(in no order):

a. yoyofactory loop 1080
b. yoyo monster crook
c. yomega raider
d. yoyojoker vortex
e. duncan hornet

note all yoyos are modded with appropriate spacers and lubricant to ensure the yoyo is being played at it’s full potential.

The points we will look at are:

I. Loop Feel
II. Wraps and Worlds
III. Maintenance
IV. Conclusion

I. Loop Feel
A. The loop 1080 has the lightest, therefore the fastest feeling loops out of the whole pack. Each loop is somewhat consistent and is extremely snappy. It tends to feel full when you’re playing them(in the way that the yoyo is filled, and not hollow.) The yoyo does not tend to stall. I recommend these for all around play.

B. The crook loops the slowest. It is the heaviest, but this does not mean it is a bad thing. It loops very consistently and provides so much stability that even a beginner can loop with these easily. I would recommend these to people learning to develop and perfect their form. The yoyo feels full when you’re playing them.

C. The raider loops slightly slower than the loop 1080. It is the most consistent looper out of any of the yoyos, yet provides a sense of stability close to the crook. I recommend these for full on performance usage.

D. The vortex loops somewhere between the raider and the crook. Although it is heavier, than the rest (disregarding the crook) it still loops at a decent pace. The loops do sometimes stall. I recommend these for slower players.

E. The hornets loop extremely quickly despite the heavier weight. It is up there with the loop 1080 in speed, but it feels hollow when you loop. The loops do sometimes stall. I recommend these for faster players.

II. Wraps and Worlds

A. The loop 1080 plays at a moderately fast pace with decent stability. It has a good spin but is easily affected by off axis movement. I recommend these for people who have mastered wraps.

B. The crook plays at an extremely slow pace with superb stability It has a powerful spin and is not easily affected by off axis movement. I recommend these for beginners learning to wrap.

C. The raider plays at a moderate pace with superb stability. It has an extremely great spin that moderately gets affected by off axis movement. I recommend these for all around play at any skill level.

D. The vortex plays at a moderately slow pace with great stability. It has a powerful spin but is easily affected by off axis movement. This is due to its more streamline shape. I recommend these for people who have a moderate concept of wraps and want to perfect them.

E. The hornet plays at an extremely fast pace with poor stability. It has a moderate spin and is moderately affected by off axis movement. I recommend these for people who wish to play super fast and have perfected their wraps.

III. Maintenance

A. The loop 1080 uses a nylon spacer system with a size K bearing. This has proved time after time to be a great performing system, and does not cut your string if set up correctly. It is moderately hard to find a good loop 1080 setup

B. The crook uses a metal spacer system with a bearing that is the same OD and ID as a size K bearing, but not the same W. This is a new system that has yet to prove itself. I have found that no matter what, there will always be with small cutting string sounds during loops. It does not affect play though. It is extremely easy to find a good crook setup.

C. The raider uses the nylon spacer system with a size E bearing(almost identical to the size K bearing.) Once again, this is the bearing system pervasive in most looping yoyos. It is hard to find a good setup for the yomega raider.

D. THe vortex uses a different type of metal spacer with a size K bearing. This spacer goes further into the yoyo than the other spacers. This leads to better durability and stability. It is extremely easy to find a good setup on the yoyojoker vortex.

E. The hornet uses a nylon spacer system but with the addition of washers below the spacers. This does not actually do much but open up the gap to an acceptable level. It is extremely easy to find a good setup on the hornet, but it is annoying to deal with all the parts.

IV. Conclusion

All of these 2a yoyos serve a purpose, but I believe that the loop 1080 or the raider is the best, followed by vortex, crook, then the hornet(for competitive purposes.) However, my opinion may differ from yours. Try these yoyos out and tell me what you think

If you have any questions, I will try my best to promptly answer them.

(All tested with poly 6 white with half thin half thick lube with custom spacers when applicable)

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That’s a good article, with some great insight but as you noted “all yoyos are modded with appropriate spacers”, so how likely is the ordinary, average guy likely to get the same results. A good 2A yoyo is highly dependent on the spacer tuning.

Unfortunately, I am unable to review the loop 1080 and the hornet with the original spacers, as I have thrown them away, but they are pretty easy to acquire. The spacers that come with the hornet or 1080 to tend to be more abrasive on the string a bit more, and cut spin time down by a little bit. If i get my hands on stock 1080’s and hornets, I well add them into this article.

This may be worth stickying.

About a month ago, I found a really good deal on a pair of 808’s. Are 808’s good?

no idea never tried. The weight looks like it’s too light though.

I kinda prefer them over the 900s. Don’t know why. But I’m really not good at 2a so take my opinion lightly

I’m really liking the Unleashed too

I’d be very interested in your opinion about LP’s if you ever grab a pair

Got some 1080’s and I’m a beginner, do you think I made the right choice?


Are loop 1080’s high quality? Like will they crack if they hit the ground? That’s the only thing that’s scaring me.

Depends how hard lol anything will break if hit hard enough with plastic yoyos.

Well I mean vs. YYJ Unleashed lol

Oh ok lol well I have no idea. Tapping out.

What are your thoughts on the YYJ Unleashed’s?

More than likely not. You may bend an axle though.

the unleashed aren’t very good to me. Some people like them, most don’t. The bearing and the weight do not work well to me. What works extremely well, is half sunsets half unleashed. I had the opportunity to try out Farrah Siegel’s pair and they were amazing.

Very good reviews

Great article. Not many people care about suggesting 2A yoyos, this is really helpful. I hope you review also the Loop900, the LP and the AeroYo Atom.