Need some good YoYos for Double A


I’ve started into the Double A style of YoYo and I currently own two YoYoFactory Loop 360s.

The Loop 360 is an ok yoyo for beginners but now I’m looking for some YoYos for more advanced play

Any Suggestions?


Loop 1080?


Depends what you like.

The Loop 360 and 808’s are decent enough for competition, but for me they are too light.

My preference is the YYJ Unleashed.

Don’t discount the Loop 900 and 1080 by YYF, and of the two, I feel the 1080’s improvements in the centering the mechanism and the weight are big improvements over the 900. Of the two, I do like the 1080 better.

I have a set of Raider EX’s that have been set up for competition and they are great.

My stock Raiders are OK. I wouldn’t mind experimenting with shaving down some plastic spacers for them and seeing the difference.

The Adegle Macaron feels strange. I think I need to lube them or something. You can really feel the spiral claw response grip that string.

For 2A, as long as it’s the right shape(narrow gap), you tend to be fine with whatever you have unless you’re not happy with it.


I’ll look some of those up


808 is my fave


I agree, unleashed are great


Loop 808s are a classic and never heard bad things about it, 900s does have the key to adjust gap, 1080 is supposed to be an upgrade from the other 2… Id recommend 900s but either of the 3 would be fine… I think the safest choice are the 808s though

(M.DeV1) #8

I have to agree too, I found the weight and distribution of the unleashed perfect for good smooth controlled loops.