2A Buyers Guide 2018

(Kevin Criss) #1

$ 12.99 Duncan - Hornet

  1. Highly Responsive
  2. Sleeps easily (walk the dog)
  3. Out-of-the-box all around great 2A yoyo (recomended buy)
  4. Duncan uses some of the best ball bearings in the business.

$ 17.99 YoYoFactory - Loop 720

  1. Highly Responsive
  2. Does not sleep easily (walk the dog)
  3. Sleeps well enough on centrifugal force (around the world)
  4. Good forward toss trainer.
  5. Loop 720 - Japan Edition ( includes the John Ando approved RED spacers)
  6. Loop 720 spacers are compatible with the YoMega Raider

$ 17.99 C3yoyodesign - Initiator

  1. Highly Responsive
  2. Sleeps well.
  3. Out-of-the-box a great all around 2A yoyo (recommended buy)
  4. Initiator spacers are compatible with YoMega Raider yoyos.

$14.99 YoMega - Raider

  1. Not a very responsive yoyo out-of-the-box.
  2. Noticible thunk or kerchunk when hitting the end-of-the string.
  3. Sleeps great with replacement or stock spacers.
  4. Requires modification
  5. Stock spacers slosh around a bit too much in bearing seats
  6. Metal Initiator spacers make this a much better yoyo
  7. POM Initiator spacers makes this yoyo slightly even better, than when using the Metal Initator spacers
  8. Joh Andro approved Loop 720 RED spacers will turn your YOMEGA Raider into a true street figher. (Recommended Modification)

$ 28.00 Something - LP

  1. Highly Responsive
  2. Does not sleep easily (walk the dog)
  3. Sleeps well enough on centrifugal force (around the world)
  4. Does not live up to its marketing hype (stock configuration)
  5. Requires modification
  6. Swap in a Duncan Hornet bearing into this yoyo, and then you’ll have a near perfect yoyo. (Recommended Modification)

Purchase Recommendations

First Pick - Duncan Hornet
Second Pick - C3yoydesign Initator
Third Pick - Modfied Somethin LP
Fouth Pick - Modfied Yomega Raider (Street fighter modification)
Fifth Pick - YoYoFactory Loop 720 - Japan Edition (does everything except walking the dog) contains high value red spacers.


Would also add - dont get loop 360s even though they are inexpensive. Youll spend more money on replacing response pads over time than biting the bullet and buying a slightly more expensive pair of loopers that uses a starburst response system.


Interesting! I kinda think of 2A yoyos as “all the same” at this point, so clearly that isn’t quite the case yet…


Another factor is some 2a yoyos have adjustable gaps and others dont. So like the loop 720 is better for beginners than the new loop 2020s or the old 1080s because when youre just learning figuring out all of the variables to get a yoyo to loop how you want is difficult enough. Then once you have a sense you can get into adjustable gaps so you can refine what you like.


I’m no 2a expert but I would say the differences in 2a yoyos are greater than any other style, or at the least definitely more than with 1a and 5a. Not in the sense that the construction is way different but that minute differences matter and are felt and amplified a lot more than with any other style.

The feel and play that vary from each looping yoyo is very different and can require time to get accustomed to. It’s a lot easier to switch between multiple 1a yoyos and go through your tricks than it is with 2a and looping yoyos.


Also: Loop 2020 > everything else


(Spinworthy Glen) #7

I get the feeling you might lump wooden yoyos together in the same way…

Just a cheeky stab. :wink: :grin:


Hi! Thanks for the guide. I am a beginner, and I bought two loop2020 (I found an interesting offer few days ago). Do you think I can use these to learn, or is it better if I search something else (as the hornet or the initiator?). Thanks!

(Kevin Criss) #9

The YoYoFactory loop2020 looks really interesting. I don’t have one yet, but I’m on the hunt for one or two now.

I’m still learning myself. I think I’m just about to cross the threshold from beginner to intermediate.

Thinner strings work better for me on 2A yoyos, than thicker strings, especially for the Hornet style bearings. I think its due to the bend radius of the pulley (or the bearing), versus the diameter thickness of the string. The thinner strings have a more favorable bend radius, especially for those smaller diameter bearings.

I’m also thick lubing Raider style bearings, and I’m thin lubing Hornet style bearings.


Hi there - you can totally learn on 2020s but I would highly recommend not messing around with all of the settings. I would keep a consistent gap width, response, etc. while you learn. Learning to loop is all about repetition and if you mess around with the yoyos set up you will constantly have to re-learn the feel of the yoyo and its responsiveness.


Thank you, I will follow your suggestions! I will use the easiest setting and I maintain it as long as I don’t feel totally confident whit the basic tricks!


Hmm, no there are lot of fancy high priced artisanal wood yo-yos out there. I’m not aware of any “artisanal” plastic 2A yo-yos… are you?


Nice guide. I currently play with modified Raiders and Fireballs. I also have a few loop 900s and 720 jap ver. I just ordered a few hornets and 720 red spacers based on your guide. Thanks for the info!

(ClockMonsterLA) #14

Is the 2020 actually available somewhere?

(Zakai) #15

Yes. I don’t know if I should directly mention the store.

(ClockMonsterLA) #16

I found it with google.


FYI the Japanese stores always get stuff faster, depending on the manufacturing source. For certain yoyo companies, this is always true.


Props to the YYF Oracle. I had Hornets and loved them even though the friction pads wear out super fast but I really liked the Oracle and could do well with them (looping) until I just lost the hand movement and got depressed and quit throwing for 6 months.

(Jessica Priscilla Nangoi) #19

Hello! I love Loop1080 alot, but since they stop producing it for now, I think I have to get another type. What yoyos would you recommend me to get with similar feeling to 1080? I always think 720 might have the closest feeling.


After extensive comparisons between modified Raiders, Fireballs and loop 720, I find that I currently like the 720 more than the others. The 720 is easier in the hands, plays great with the proper string and is faster and crisper than the Yomegas. Kitty white normal string works really well. Slick 8 pairs well with the 720, perhaps a bit better than kitty. I’ve ordered slick 6 to see if it offers any improvement in playability. Modded Raiders with red spacers are really good, too. Fireballs with Duncan bearing and thin spacers are great loopers as well. All of my 720’s are Japan version with red spacers.