Starting 2A

Hey. I would like to start playing 2A so I want reccomenations. I want an accesible pair ofyoyos(ebay, amazon, aliexpress, etc), cheap. I also want them to be able to do advanced tricks.
Any advices on usual string length/material and lube,etc are also appreciated. Thanks!

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The usual recommendation for 2A is YYF Loop720. A set is about 30 bucks and is good from starter to advanced (just make sure you have red spacers)
With them, Kitty normal (poly) and about groin length. Don’t know about lubing.
Be ready to change string pretty often as grinding 2A really puts your string to the test.


Loop 720s are the best option IMO. One red spacer and one blue spacer is just right. And they don’t need lube, maintenance is as minimal as it gets.


Just go to the YYE store and type in Looping. Lots of options pending on your budget, you don’t need to shop elsewhere


I’m from EU so I would like to shop somewhere near me. Paying int shipping is not worth for 2 yoyos haha. Thanks btw!

What about the Magicyoyos GHZ D1? They are really cheap. Has anyone tried them?

Our basic international shipping is only $9 for most countries, but I completely understand buying locally is faster/cheaper. I haven’t tried the Magicyoyo loopers so can’t say much about them.

The Something LP and C3 Initiator are good choices as well if you can find them in your area.


Thanks. The other problem is taxes. You usually got to pay about 30+% extra(shipping+products) if your order is declared as 22+€…
I would love to order from YYE, maybe in the future for a big order hahah. Thanks for the reccomenations


Great 2A resource.


Where do you get Spacers?


i’d go with a pair of loop 360s.
I’ve been practicing quite a while now and still have not mastered looping.