New Release! The Redesigned YoYoFactory LOOP720!


YoYoFactory has been working hard to redefine their 2A looping yo-yo lineup. The Loop 360 remains their recommended beginners yo-yo and their newest pro option will release soon, but this model is for all the 2A players looking to hone their skills – The Loop720!

The new Loop720 is the 2A yo-yo that will help you progress to advanced tricks. Built around precision components for consistent loop execution, this yo-yo requires low maintenance and offers high performance!

No complicated adjustments, no excess parts, and no need for tools. The Loop720 flips easy, moves fast, and with a little Type 2 Looping Oil it’s ready for any 2A routine!


The price point on these is great! :slight_smile: I personally could never justify a $50 looping set but maybe these… :stuck_out_tongue: I like how it’s a starburst and not something you have to replace like some of the beginner ones.


I might buy a pair of these 720s. The price point is just right for anyone who needs loopers that are basic, low maintenance, and good for any level of 2A play. It also saves anyone the pain of modding Raiders if they want to take their skill to the next level, but don’t wanna risk breaking a few yo-yos for the right amount of performance. I see that they are only being sold at YYE right now, so I’m hoping to see them around elsewhere, but I might pick them up when I get some money.

Edit: Oops. Sorry. Wasn’t trying anything funny…

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