2A yoyos?

hey guys, i was wondering, what is a good pair of looping yoyos? i really want to try 2a or/and 3a, but i dont have the money so im trying to get my dad to get me looping yoyos, what are the best that i dont have to mod?

Alright, GREAT to see people getting into 2a, just not enough interested (or skilled enough coughmecough)

Wait it out for the 900 looping yoyo from yoyofactory, but they ARE supposed to be 25 dollars a piece. Other than that, you can try the speed beetles from duncan.

If price is an issue I would recommend either 2 Duncan Speed Beetles/Pulses, or even cheaper are the Duncan Proyos. Both can be picked up at a Toys’R’us, and both under $10… might even be able to get 2 Proyos under $10. Proyo’s a Wood Axle and if you’re learning Looping from the beginning they’re a good start.

If you have more money to spend, 2 Loop 720s will run you about $35 with shipping. The Loop 900 hasn’t officially been priced yet. But others rumor $25… so that’ll run ya about $55 with shipping.

what about 3a? whats a good pair for tht?

HOnestly the YYJ sunsets are easier to learn on. I have a pair of YYJ relics that are sweet.

for 3A… really anything you prefer for 1A just times 2. I’ve seen it done with Freehands and Dark Magics most frequently myself. But really any 1A will work.

Yeah, any yoyo for 1A will work for 3A. If I wanted to play 2A I honestly would wait for the Loop 900 to come out.

sunset trajectory or loop 720 or loop 900 (when it comes out)

3A, 2 protostars, two cheap yoyos, two great yoyos. Just practice binding with it on your left hand

Is 2 die nastys any good fo 3a?

I think so.

Seen several people use the Die Nasty for 3A.

Do i buy a responsive and unresponsive yoyo? or maybe ill buy another dark magic? well if i need a responive yoyo what is good for 3a?

I’ve been where you are.

First, before you buy anything for 3a, try to yoyo with your non-dominate hand. Once you can do so fairly well, then go to the two yoyos for 3a.

Just imagine, if you can yoyo just as well as on your dominate hand, you will be amazing 3a , or it will be easier.

Like a lot of people have said, you can’t replace practice with money. (Not saying you wouldn’t use the yoyo you night buy for 3a but, don’t buy it feeling obligated to learn 3a.)

About 2a, I love using my loop720’s. I tried proyos, raiders, relics, and bumblebees before that, but the loop720’s really amazed me. I can’t say how they compare to sunsets or pulses or whatever, but for me, they work great.

You might also want to shorten your strings when you do 2a. I found it a lot easier to learn and just to loop that way.

Well the DM can be tuned to be responsive, so that would be fine. Again Responsive or Unresponsive is personal preference. If you play unresponsive now then I say go for unresponsive. It’s just gonna be getting used to doing it with your off hand.

Well for 2a I have tried a raider, sunset trajectory, and a loop 720. Honestly I didn’t like the loop 720. The string response just feels very rough. I love my sunset, and hate my raider. I would recommend the sunset. But it’s your choice.

Do any serious 2a throwers use wooden axles?

I have tried looping on a proyo as well as a BC Lightning and I just like these much better than any other yoyo. I tried to mod my raider for looping but maybe I did it wrong.

John Higby as far as I know still uses Duncan Proyos for his performances.  As does his wife.

Read about his Signature Yo-Yo down at the bottom of that page.

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