Stumped on picking out a set for 2A

I was on here a bit back trying to find some replacements for some 1A yoyos when I learned about 2A for the first time. I was never all that interested in 1A but so far I’ve been really enjoying the 2A stuff. The only real problem I’m running into right now is finding a set of yoyos I personally like, and I was hoping some of you would have some recommendations on something sort of available based on what I’m looking for. I’ve seen the usual lists of recommended looping yoyos but I didn’t want to buy them all to find out, and a lot of the lists seem out of date since most of the places online have them out of stock.

I’ll list what I’ve tried and see if anyone has any recommendations to check out:

I do not like the Duncan Proyos. I thought they were way too light. I also wasn’t in love with the wood axles either, but I’m not sure if that’s a Proyo specific thing since they were only $2 each in Target’s summer section. They were Hello Kitty though, so that was a plus in their favor. :smiley:

The Duncan Pulse was closer to what I’d like but I still felt it was a bit on the lighter side and a touch wobbly. I don’t know if there should be something done to those to make them work better as this was stock out of the package. I saw the Speed Beetle comes with some sort of spacers so I didn’t know if they were the same that came with the Pulse or a different size. The Speed Beetle doesn’t have the light up electronics inside so I assume they’re lighter than the Pulse as well. I also cracked one I had when the string broke on me, but I assume most of the plastic yoyos would meet a similar fate getting launched like that.

I know it’s not a 2A yoyo, but the size of the Anti-Yo Bapezilla.2 was near perfect even if it was the wrong shape. The weigh seems like it may be a hint heaver that what I’m looking for but I think that might be the shape contributing to that.

Custom Products makes one called the Axlerator that looks like it might be a good fit, but I’m not seeing any reviews anywhere on it. I also saw the Yo2 Mirage that seems to be an adjustable weight option to it but again no reviews one way or the other. Most of the other currently available loopers at least looking at pictures online look to be all very similar but just from different companies or am I missing something?

Those are mostly older 2A yoyos. The pulse is one of the wider 2A yoyos you’ll find but the yoyomonster crook appears to be the same weight. You might enjoy some proyo roadsters since they’re all wood but still pretty light.

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A Pair of YYF Loop 1080s are great. I don’t 2A much but you can adjust the responsiveness for looping and are fairly comfortable to hold.

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I don’t know, I always recommend the YYJ Unleashed. The response is great for long spin times but they still respond well, they are definitely the easiest to adjust the gap on (just twist), and they are extremely durable due to the material and simple design. They won’t fall apart on you like the Raider EX. I bang them into stuff and kickstart them. They’re on the heavy end for 2A but it’s not that noticeable.

Unleashed are harder to flip than Speed Beetles (like Raiders, 1080’s, and everything else) but you get way better round-the-worlds and spin times. Speed Beetles are light and very easy for looping, but sleepers are bad because the stock response depends on gunked up bearings. Don’t get me wrong, I like them and they have their place, but they won’t take you far in your 2A journey. You could get both; Speed Beetles are pretty cheap.

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The Proyo Roadsters look pretty cool but also look pretty discontinued as well. I’ll have to see about poking around more if someone is still selling them and for how much, the brief search I did was giving me more links for Lamborghinis than yoyos…

I’ve been reading to get the Raiders to work “good” requires some potentially delicate modding which is what’s kept me from picking up a pair, so good to hear some confirmation on that. I did find one place that does promotional items for companies that has the Speed Beetles available for under 3 bucks each, if shipping isn’t awful I may grab a few of those to mess around with. For that cheap I may get a some to mess around with modding as well since I’ve seen more than a few mods for those.

Yoyo joker vortex is another option.

Buy I love my pulse and 808.