Help with starting 2A

I have been trying to learn 2A for a while now and been having trouble. I don’t understand if it’s because of my lack of skills or is it the yo yo’s. Since I can’t do more than 5 loops max with my right hand (I’m right handed). The yo yo keeps spinning out on me completely sideways.

The yo yo’s I use are a full plastic Duncan Imperial, a kind of… Broken-ish (its tilted on the axle) [YO]2 Mirage and a Duncan Reflex.

Is it possible to play 2A properly with any of these?
Any advice on looping you have? Suggestions?
Great yo yo’s on a VERY small budget?

How small is the budget? I’d say a set of yo-yos $20-$30 might give you a better chance at success. I am by no means a pro however. Good luck.

The imperial should work, although I’ve never tried any of the yoyo mentioned above.
Try Proyo, I think it’s the the cheapest “proper” yoyo for 2a, though it doesn’t have bearing.
If you have more money, I’d recommend getting a pair of Raider Ex or Yyf adjustable looper.
If the yoyo is properly responsive and do actually loop but it tilts everywhere, it’s your skill. Looping is one of the skill that looks so easy, but is actually very difficult to get down.
I’ve replied in some of the looping question thread, instead of me re-typing the whole thing again and again, you might wanna use the search button.

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I personally started with two loop 360s because they were cheap and pretty good to learn on ($8 apiece) but looping does take a while to learn IMO because most of it is muscle memory.

Thank you for all the info guys! :slight_smile:

Also I don’t understand what is the point of having a ball bearing 2A yo yo, if you want it responsive? :o

It sleeps a lot longer when doing around the world and pinwheel/wrap type of tricks, which basically what 2a is besides looping anyway. You can do so many quick around the worlds with bearing yoyo and have the spin time almost not affected. But with fixed axle or transaxle, the high tension that comes with around the worlds/pinwheel tricks will kill the yoyo almost instantly.