Tips for 2A

I’m new to 2A yo-yo tricks and was wonderin’ if anyone has a few wise tips to help a fella out.

Recently I’ve felt kinda bad about my yo-yo career due to a few things. I kinda stopped throwin’ for a few months but now that I picked up a 2A yo-yo and put the yo-yo string correctly on my finger(no longer on the base of my finger.Hehe) I feel like I’ve been almost reborn with my yo-yo career and am back at the beginning when I could really enjoy yo-yos and not always think about how swell all these other players can do these tricks but focus more on my own journey and the joy of a yo-yo. I feel like I can just take a breathe and have fun throwin’ a yo-yo. My gosh I reckon it’s just nice to head back to a more simple time. Anyways tips for 2A? Thanks very much once again.


First of all. Never get too caught up with the skill of others. Unless you get paid to yoyo the only person you should strive to be better than is yourself. Im in my mid 30s now and at some point you have to come to the realization that there will always be a 13 year old that can make you silly comparitively.

As for 2A, make sure you have pretty much mastered looping with your dominant throw hand. It should basically be muscle memory when you start throwing with your non dominant hand. After you start getting comfortable with your non dominant hand start doing them together.


Okay I agree with that first statement for sure. I suppose just enjoy the hobby and have fun. Do it because yuh love to yo-yo not for the glory and acceptance of others. Good thing to think about. The other statement about 2A looping is pretty understandable too. I only bought one looping yo-yo cause I want to really take my time with my dominant hand and not feel like I have to try and go fast by having two yo-yos laying around I want to just take it slow and go at my own speed. It’s also nice to only have to carry around one throw in your pocket.


Looping is a grind and you have to just enjoy the time; There are a lot of links and tips in this thread I try to participate on Tuesdays, also just general set up and some approaches to encourage practicing.


Very helpful stuff. I’m going to buy a neat holster that looks western so I can better keep it on me a lot more cause my pockets get full fast. Anyways thanks for droppin’ in.


Hey there!
First of all I gotta say I’m glad you’re still around as I hadn’t seen ya in a bit! Love the yoyo content you put out there.

2a is something that is a whole other animal when it comes to yoyoing and it’s something that I can honestly say will feel frustrating to no end and you might not see the same speed of progress as other styles. That said, it is truly the most rewarding style to get into and really gives a different yoyo experience.

A good starting point I found is actually on Shu Takadas channel where he uploads different 2a foundation tutorials from time to time. It takes some digging around and not all of them are in English, but he gives very detailed and helpful advice for many newer 2a players.
This one in particular is great for learning how to get just one hand consistent loops correctly :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Thanks pal. I’ll keep it in mind and yeah I’ll keep on throwin’.

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Best advice I ever got (from Dale O!) was “practice good loops”. I only have basic 2a, but this helped me a lot. If you mess up, don’t try to save it; just start over. Down the road you’ll be able to adjust and correct a bad loop easily, but in the beginning when you’re developing muscle memory, focus on trying to hit a small number of consistent ones in a row, resetting, and trying again. Also PRACTICE restarts (thumb starts, snap-starts, whatever) and get really good at sidewinder w both hands.

Oh and Shawn Fumo’s classic looping guide from 20 years back is still relevant and helpful! Shawn's Looping Guides

Have fun!


You really have to just grind out 2A. The tricks that you learn are usually not related to each other in any way even if they look similar so don’t be disappointed if say you can do inside loops but cannot do outside loops. Just keep practicing and you’ll eventually get it. You’re also going to get hit by the yoyo a lot.


I’m gonna just stick to tryin’ to loop one handed right now. Thanks for stoppin’ in pal.

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After a while I also decided to stick to one hand since I felt like I was getting half as much practice swapping hands. Good luck mate

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