How to Start Your 2a Adventure!

Okay so there are always questions about starting 2a. For example: Whenever I’m doing loops the yoyo always tilts to side. Or What is the perfect string length? So I am here to help you solve those problems with the strategy’s that I used. And then soon you could be just like shinji.

How do I keep the yoyo from tilting?

This is the main question asked I think. now when you start looping most people like to try and make the yoyo perfectly strait. But this is not what you want to do. What you want to do is have the yoyo tilted at about a 1-2 o’clock position. And you want to be able to see just a bit of the face of the yoyo. This will allow it to stay in that same position each time you do a new loop, and it will make it more stable, and once you practise this you will be able to loop without even thinking about it.

Another way to prevent the yoyo from tilting is one of the most obvious things… Practise. 2a is a very tough style to get down and be able to do consistinley. So the main way to get it down is to practise over and over and over and over again. So when you can only do like 5 loops and you want to quit keep practising, when you can’t even do one loop YOU KEEP PRACTISING. And I promise you that you will be able to do it eventually.

What is the Perfect String length ?

That is only up to opinion. Personnaly I like to have very short string because I find I can control it better. But you might like longer string beause for you it makes it easier, or maybe you like medium length string, I don’t know. You just have to experiment with different lengths.

How can I Get Better at Using Both my Hands at the Same Time?

This is the hardest part of learning 2a. So I will teach you some tips that helped me get this down.

1.) Get VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY good with both of your hands. Do not just learn to do 10 loops with with your dominant hand and like 5 with your other then try putting them together at the same time. Because this will take you much longer to learn 2a if you do it like this. Now I recommend you get so good with your dominant hand that you don’t even have to look at your yoyo while looping. You do not have to get that good with your non-dominant hand but I suggest you be able to do atleast 50 loops with it while looking before you use both hands at the same time. But remember the better you are with each hand individually the easier it will be when you finally do both at the same time.

2.) This is a little thing that helped me get better at looping. Loop right into the air, not a punching bag just a loop. So when you start doing it normally it will seem much easier to do. This might not help you but it sure helped me.

3.) When starting doing both hands it is so confusing just doing loopss so what I recommend doing is getting used to using both hands at the same time. So what I did is I did around the worlds with my left hand (My non-dominant hand) while doing normal loops with my right. Then I got good at doing it but using oppisite hands. This made it easier to start doing double loops.

4.) Do not do them simoultaniously when starting. I did this and it made doing them insimoultaniously very hard, probably harder then it shouldve been. When doing the insimoultaniously it makes it easier to do because you can concentrate on one at a time instead of two at a time.

5.) Try to keep the yoyos close together. I say this because when trying to look at the yoyos as their looping can be very hard if they are 2 feet apart , so I like to keep them about 6-8 inches apart. That way you dont have to turn your head that far over and over again.

6.) This is the one that helped me the most. And that is trying to keep your arms relaxed. Because when you are all tensed up it can be kind of hard to loop, and for some reason when I just relaxed I could go from 5 loops at a trime to like 15 at a time instataneously.

Once you have gotten basic two handed loops down, you will probably want to be learning some new tricks so here you go:

And finally for some inspiration:


Awesome post. It will help alot of people. :wink:

Also, I might suggest putting in there that to start doing two hands, it helps to just sit there and do forward pass and gravity pull at the same time. It gets you used to using both hands at the same time without it being too difficult.

Great post though.

Also, If your yoyo has an adjustable gap put it tight all the way so it wont sleep so you can get used to the timing.

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Also this is very good advice this will help me with 2A alot. I find that 2A is harder than the other styles because of the amount of practice it takes and how little satisfaction it gives to a beginner. you should add links to Andre’s 2A help video aswell as links to the best beginner 2A yoyos.

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Great! Thanks for making this post! Now I know some tips to try to start playing 2A!

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nice help good instructions

This is awesome. I’m going to be starting 2a in just a few days (when I get my pair in) and this will help me out, I’m sure.


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