2A Questions

I started getting into 2a over the weekend and I have a few questions. Another post giving startup tips on 2A said the yoyo is most stable tilted to 1 o’clock with the left cap slightly toward you. I have found this to work, but how strict should I be in staying in that “sweetspot.” If i don’t try to stay in that I can do more loops, but they’re sloppy and all over the place. Will all of my loops eventually end up in the sweetspot if I keep practicing or do I need to really focus on getting it into that sweetspot to really progress? Should I be trying to throw the yoyo tilted or should i throw it straight and let my looping make it tilt into that sweetspot?

Also, I’ve noticed that the string should be over the top of the yoyo when the loop goes out and on the bottom when it comes back in. Does the yoyo need to flip when i fling it around into the next loop to maintain this? I can exaggerate my hand motion and make it flip but it makes a jarring whipping sound when I do. Should I continue this or am I reading to far into it?

11:00 let hand
1:00 right hand

If you start to go off plane stop and start over. If you do them sloppy you will always do them sloppy.
You need to teach your muscles the correct way and that’s by doing it right every time. Eventually you’ll be able to do them without looking and if one goes astray you’ll be able to bring it back.

Trust me on this. It was advised to me by the newest 2a national champion and by Seth Peterson. I totally trust them both. Yes they were right too. ;D


Practice makes permanent. Practice well to play well.

You bring up a good question about whether the good angle will follow the good loops, or if the good loops will follow a good angle. Good loops are at 1 o’clock. Focus on getting that tilt.

And the “flip” happens every good loop. Get a looping yo-yo with different colors on the two halves. Loop, and watch closely as the colors switch with every loop.



That’s what I’ve done. I have a pair of Unleashed sitting by for when I’m ready for 2A. One blue, one red. I wanted white instead of red, but I’m sure they’ll be in stock soon or I can get one off BST. But the purpose was for both a cool look and for seeing stuff like you just described.

If you haven’t already, go read this. He explains it better than most.

Shawn’s Looping Guides
(google search will bring them up)