maintaining the angle: a looping question

hey, I’m trying to get into 2A and I can get about 7 loops (on average) with my right hand, and about 3 loops with my left, then i mess up. The problem I’m having is I cant keep the angle of the yoyo. When I loop right handed, my yoyo is tilted slightly to the right. After about 7 loops or so the yoyo starts tiliting more and more and then tilts so much it becomes a UFO. How do I maintain the angle for unlimited loops so that the yoyo does not turn horizontally? Thanks

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This is a very common issue with beginner loopers (including yours truly). Something that helped me was just to send the yoyo out hard and fast; then the yoyo doesn’t have time to tilt. But also keep in mind that 2a is very different from 1a. You can’t just learn a trick, then move on. Looping takes alot of timing and control and a lot more practice than usual to perfect.

Also: here are some other threads that have your same problem…,19750.0.html,20525.0.html,24850.0.html,2143.0.html,305.0.html,27765.0.html

There are ALOT more than just these too. Try using the search button before you make a new thread an an issue that someone else probably already had. Thanks.  :wink:

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jhb immitation

Shawn’s looping guide.