help with my loops

hi there, i recently bought myself a loop 900 and ive been practicing my loops nonstop ever since, one problem i have and cant seem to figure out is why my yoyo keeps making these drastic angle changes. this happense mostly on my 2nd or 3rd loop, the yoyo is north-south direction but when it goes out for another loop its almost paralell to the floor.

I have watched almost every tutorial out there, can anyone identify whats wrong and possibly provide a solution other thann practice cause thats what ive been doing.

~thank you in advance

as you may know, a proper loop flips the yoyo 180 degrees for every loop, any more or less will gradually (or dramatically) shift the axis of the yoyo

so to fix this, you need to figure out that 180 degree balance, and practice it a lot. some people get it faster than others… I would say, be pleasantly surprised if you see good results this week, but dont be dissapointed if you make 31 “X’s” on your calendar before you see good results

EDIT: also do plenty of sidewinders and UFOs to keep you string tension at an ideal (pressure?). the more tension you have, the more the string will push the yoyo to one side or the other depending on if the tension is positive or negative

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Mostly it’s the string tension that affects loops even though you can loop pretty well. Always keep it in check. And of course, change string often :]