Help with looping Please

So I’m looking to get into 2A. I bought a Sunset and I can’t get it to do a dang thing. I can do one or two good loops but then the yoyo goes all twisty turney. I don’t understand how to control the yoyo. Can someone please make a video explaining how to move your hand, how the string and yoyo should move around your hand, and the proper timing? Thanks.
BTW I have the string cut to just below my waist.

I’m having the same problem, two good loops, and then it goes UFO on me.


I have a sunset trajectory and I used to have the same problem. I have practiced a lot and it went away. What I do is when the yoyo is almost back I curl my hand in slightly and flick it back out. It doesn’t move into the string or change it at all. It is more stable the harder you flick but can spin out if flicked to hard without much experience. I also try to flick it a little higher that straight out so that it stays horizontal. I hope that I helped! :slight_smile:

Yup, make sure you flick your wrist in a circular-ish motion. Then practice.

There is a nice vid over on Master of YoYo which I think shows the wrist motions on inside loops well:"/

Note when he says the the yoyo flips over on every loop, causing the string to loosen for righties, and contributing to the tendency for it to get “twisty”. There’s an outside loop vid also, but the link’s not working atm.

WOOT I can loop!. Kinda… Thanks for all the help. Especially King Julian. I don’t have it down pat yet, but I’m getting significantly better.

Looping is one of those things that takes a ton of practice. It’s not like learning a 1a trick where you might spend up to an hour learning the trick and then all you need to do is practice a little to smooth it out. Looping takes months to get any sort of consistency for the most basic tricks. Is it worth all that effort? You bet. Keep with it, practice as much as you can, and you will get better.

ive been having this problem, i found shortening the yoyo string helps tremendously. after i did it, my problem seemed to just disappear.