Rotation when looping


So, I’ve been trying looping for a few weeks now, and with either hand, I still end up with the yoyo sideways and UFOing back to me, and losing all momentum…

Any help?


tilt the yoyo…

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #3

I would suggest a shorter string.


Sorry, it happens after a couple loops…


Just below the pocket. That’s where it should be correct?

(rizkiyoist) #6

Tilt the yoyo on purpose. Right hand the yoyo tilts at 1 o’clock, left hand the yoyo tilts at 11 o’clock, the loop is straight but the yoyo tilts.
Keep your palm facing down at all times during loops (can be about 45 degrees or fully down). Pull your mid finger back then pull the yoyo down then forward. Do this, put your hands straight upfront, palm facing down, now push them down then forward, that is the motion. This applies only for basic inside loops. Look at how high level 2a players loop, choose the ones with smooth as-if-it’s-easy loops, try to mimic that.
Keep the string tight the whole loop, if it has slacks during loops it will never be consistent.
You can only control the loop before it happens, not during.


Awesome! thank you!